Tories continue their regime of Disability genoside! 

The Last Leg finally publisised what everyone knows and has been thinking. Congratulations for having the courage to say what every disabled person is thinking and giving them a voice!💪🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Adam Hills and Alex Brooker have launched a scathing attack on Tory disability cuts likening them to a “genocide” against disabled people.
The hosts of The Last Leg, who both have disabilities of their own, attacked the process of assessment that has seen even double amputees and a man with half a skull declared “fit for work”.
Brooker said: “I get the idea of it – you have to be assessed and they have to weed out the people who are unfairly claiming.

“But what they’re not doing, they’re not applying any common sense to it. If you’re going to an assessment, that’s after they’ve read your doctor’s notes.

“So what they’re saying to [a double amputee] is after they’ve read his doctor’s notes saying he’s got no legs, come in and prove it! It’s not like if you’re missing limbs you’re going to find them down the back of the sofa.”

Earlier this week it emerged a double amputee who was told by the Department for Work and Pensions that he was “fit for work” as he could “climb stairs with his arms”.
In the same week it was reported a father who lost his arm in a horrific motorcycle accident and underwent five major operations in as many months had been stripped of his benefits after his latest assessment in January.

Hills said: “At first these cuts looked like a good plan experiencing teething problems, then it started to feel like a badly executed system but now – it’s beginning to look a lot like disabled genocide.
“This government is slowly killing off a generation of disabled people.”
Hills, who was born without a right foot, hosts the show alongside Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, who was born with hand and arm deformities and without a bone in his right leg that later had to be amputated. 
He continued: “The only question is are they doing it on purpose? Because if you are, why stop at sanctions?

”Why not round us up put us on a reservation and sterilise the drinking water because that is literally more humane than what you’re doing right now. For any Conservatives watching that is not a genuine suggestion.
“The Governement’s Social Security Advisory Committee meets on Wednesday of this week and I want to say this to them: If you really want to make a difference don’t give bonuses for assessing people quickly, punish people for when they get it wrong.
“We’ve been banging on about this for four years and nothing has changed.”
Hills and Brooker were widely praised for the speeches.

A DWP spokesman said on Wednesday: “We have apologised to Mr Holgate for this clerical error, and we are reconsidering his claim.”
The department had previously explained: “When someone comes in for an assessment they are asked to do a number of actions, and the way the scores were translated caused a clerical error.”But the methods employed for disability assessments have come in for much critisims.
The law centre’s chair, Councillor Ian Rathbone, described the cut to Holgate’s benefits as “callous and cold-hearted”. 
He told The Huffington Post UK: “The government needs to stop using these private companies. They are no good. They have targets and they miss stuff. If someone can walk two or three steps it does not mean they can work. It is wrong.

“Over sixty percent of cases [that go to court] are overturned. For people like Julius they might struggle to find the money to do it.
“We would like to see the government restore legal aid as there are now a whole range of problems for people on benefits who suffer because they can’t receive legal aid.”
Last year, the DWP caused controversy when it declared a man with half a skull was “fit for work”. 

Kenny Bailey, who has trouble walking and needs assistance to get dressed, underwent an individual assessment requested by the Department of Work and Pensions.
They deemed him able to work despite him being paralysed down his left side and suffering from memory problems. 
Bailey later had his benefits reinstated after the decision was overturned following media coverage of his case. 

Parliament are holding an evidence session on Personal Independence Payments on Monday 6 March. 

Parliament are holding an evidence session on Personal Independence Payments on Monday 6 March. Watch here:

I wonder who is giving evidence? If it’s the government giving evidence then it’s a pointless exercise.

This needs to be accounts of disabled people and welfare rights campaigners and disability charities. 


Tory cuts violated rights of disabled people, instead of listening they are making deeper cuts.

Tory cuts violated rights of disabled people, instead of listening they are making deeper cuts.
The Tories’ cuts to welfare violated the rights of disabled people, a United Nations inquiry has found.
The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities said Britain should set up a watchdog to monitor the impact of policies relating to disabled people’s standard of living.

They said reforms brought in under former Welfare Secretary Iain Duncan Smith had “gravely or systematically” violated the rights of disabled people in a report published today.
Members of the U.N. committee of 18 independent experts visited Britain in October 2015 and the report was based on more than 200 interviews and some 3,000 pages of documentary evidence.
The 22-page report criticised welfare cuts and caps introduced under an austerity programme the government said would make the welfare system fairer and reduce benefit fraud.
“Persons with disabilities have been regularly portrayed negatively as being dependent or making a living out of benefits, committing fraud as benefit claimants, being lazy and putting a burden on taxpayers, who are paying ‘money for nothing’,” it said.

The allegation was unsubstantiated, but disabled people were subject to increasing hostility and aggressive behaviour.

The government had not factored disabled people’s needs into its reforms, and cuts in housing benefits had caused high levels of stress and depression, the report said. Programmes to encourage them to find work “had no visible impact”, and many were driven into debt and forced to resort to using food banks.
Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Debbie Abrahams said: “The United Nations has found today that there is reliable evidence that shows this Tory Government is responsible for grave violations of the rights of disabled people under its failing austerity plan.


The Tory campaign of attacking the weakest in society to continue, From April 18-21 year olds won’t be able to claim housing benefit.

The Latest cut

Housing benefit is to be axed for 18-21 year-olds within weeks after ministers decided to go ahead with controversial plans to force young unemployed people to live with their parents or pay their own rent.
Labour condemned the move, which was slipped out on a quiet Friday in new regulations published to Parliament when the House of Commons was not sitting.
The new Universal Credit regulations, which are secondary not primary legislation and open to less scrutiny by MPs, state that jobless under-22s will no longer qualify for help with their rental costs.

Vulnerable people will continue to be protected, as will carers, families and those who have been in work for at least six months prior to claiming will be exempt, and those working at least 16 hours at the National Minimum Wage.

However I remain very sceptical about how this is going to be policed. Like many other cuts this will isolate another section of society who rely on needing help. 

Not every young person is from a loving home, a family with 2.4 children or with a silver spoon in their mouths.

More and more young people are finding it harder to get jobs and many are kicked out or forced to leave at 16 when a lot of child benefits stop.

Its another step back to the Victorian era by the Tory party, who again show they are completely out of touch with reality.

But then again I doubt any of the policy makers have ever faced a hardship when most of them are from Cambridge or Eaton? 

They are used to making love to pigs and burning money in front of homeless people. The latest cuts show they all have a warped moral compass, the busiest I have seen Parliament is when they are discussing expenses, or giving themselves another big pay rise.

I am sure more cuts will follow. The Tory’s campaign of attacking the weakest in society will continue to push many further into poverty (if that’s possible) and destitute.


Guy Fawkes the last person to enter parliament with honest intensions.

Guy Fawkes was the last person to enter parliament with honest intentions. Corruption, greed and wickedness is rife throughout parliament. Expenses are out of control, MPs claiming for items that the working class have to pay for out of their normal salary! They have the nerve to cut £30 a week from the sick. The biggest benefit claimants are in Westminster.