About us

I am married to the most amazing woman in the world, she is my inspiration. She suffers with syringomyelia and slipped discs. Syringomyelia is a rare spinal condition that slowly destroys your spinal canal. We have been married just over a year but have been together for 10 years.
We started out as 2 young ambitious people with full time jobs and we both had our health. Sadly 7 years ago my wife’s back disability started out of the blue from nowhere. Gradually it has deteriorated causing her to be unable to work, become isolated and lose a lot of friends she thought she had through thick and thin.
She has battled all the challenges of her disability that many disabled people face and all with grace, kindness and still putting others before her own needs.
From an outside perspective as her carer and husband I can see everyday in all parts of the broken society we live in just how hard it is for disabled people to get the support and help they need. They suffer from constant abuse, aggression and questioning be it either from today’s government, mainstream media or society as a whole who have believed the nonsense reported about the disabled and vulnerable people in our communities.
The level of bullying and discrimination I see on the TV, the news papers or outside on the rare occasion we can get out is shocking.
I have started this blog to try and give disabled people a defense, some support or even somewhere where they can vent.
Disabled people are hero’s they are all fighting their own silent battles with less and less help by the day, with the non stop cutting of support and social care.
If this can go a small way to helping someone feel like they aren’t going though it alone then this blog would have hopefully worked.