Whilst Tories continue to cut vital services and support for Vulnerable people they reduce taxes for the Wealthy by 73bn!😑

When I see vital services and support being cut for the most vulnerable it makes me angry when I see this government has reduced taxes for the richest in society by 73bn.

 For example why drag millions of mentally ill people through the mud so you can save 3.7bn when you are giving nearly 100bn of discounts to the wealthy.

How anyone can vote for the Tories is beyond me. There are many sick, disabled and elderly people who are having to live a life of isolation and fear. I hope one day I can see a day when this country upholds its Christian values and protects and looks after the weakest in society. Sadly I don’t think we will ever return to those days. Too much water has passed under the bridge and society as a whole is self centred, self absorbed and selfish. It’s a society for the fittest and if you don’t have your health then society doesn’t care or have time for you.

Most of the people who are disabled or sick have worked decades in successful careers whilst paying into the system that is set up to one day look after you if you need support.

The scary thing is that system has now been shredded up, destroyed and used as a stick to beat disabled people with.

I think it’s about time to say if the system isn’t going to support us when we are sick, old or frail. Lets stop paying into it?

The government say being sick or disabled is getting money for nothing.

But actually it’s the Government that is getting money for nothing?


One thought on “Whilst Tories continue to cut vital services and support for Vulnerable people they reduce taxes for the Wealthy by 73bn!😑

  1. Ginni Deville March 26, 2017 / 4:50 am

    Am currently trying to help my mother through the swamp that is the benefits system – believe me trying to explain to a woman who 62 this year, some days can’t walk around and is confused easily why she is having to survive on Β£73 a week and go through forms and phonecalls instead of just having a pension now – is not fun.
    The only answer I have is – because Tories 😦

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