Spring budget more proof the Tories are governing for the 1%, deliberate destruction of society.

Another budget another round of cuts and tax hikes hitting the working class and the poor? Where will it end? 

It’s about time the working class and the poor made a stand and stopped voting this evil Tory party into power. 

It is absolutely disgusting the way they behaved during the budget. It shows their utter contempt for the poor and working class in society when they think it’s funny cutting support for the most vulnerable and poorest in society, putting up taxes and hammering the working classes again. 

This country is in a total mess, council offices cannot cope, social services cannot cope, care homes cannot cope, hospitals cannot cope, disabled people have nowhere to turn, zero hour contracts, schools are in debt the list is endless.

Police, fire and ambulance services cannot turn up to every job. A&Es are only allowing people to turn up if you have a risk of dying.

Is it any wonder society is getting more selfish and wrapped up in their own little worlds?

Wickedness and selfishness begins at the top with the Tory party. This has trickled down into society for nearly a decade creating social and working class divides.

They have deliberately turned every group against each other for example parents, the elderly, students, public sector workers, private sector workers, disabled, rich and poor.

They have done this so when they apply cuts and increase taxes against a particular group it’s more socially acceptable. 

This is due to the majority of sheep in today’s society listen to the propaganda and Tory lies in the British mainstream media. (Sky news, BBC and ITV)

The only time they realise what a disaster of a country we have become is when they are vulnerable, poorly or need vital help or support that isn’t available.

So next time there is a general election just think about the amount of promises the Tories have broken before you vote these failures in again.

Ps if you voted for these clowns. Don’t come crying to me when your the next victim of tax rises or cuts.

As the saying goes be careful what you wish for.


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