Tory election fraud, prosecutions to start within weeks.

One rule for us, one rule for the Tory government.
According to The Times, Conservative MPs and campaigners involved in the Tory election fraud allegations may face prosecution within weeks.
The bad news is that the newspaper seems to think the number of investigations has been whittled down to fewer than 12.
Has anybody seen any announcements of investigations being halted in individual cases?
Nor have I.
This is the problem with the right-wing press – we get this constant drip… drip of misinformation and speculation with a pro-Tory slant.
Why can’t they just report the news?

Bubbling along, often little reported in the media*, has been a police investigation into whether Conservative MPs broke the law on election expenses at the general election.
Not only does the investigation go to the very top of the party, involving one of Theresa May’s closest aides, it also involves more than enough MPs to wipe out the Conservative majority in the House of Commons. The Electoral Commission has already had to go to court to force the Conservatives to hand over evidence.
Now the The Timesreports:
Senior [Conservative] figures fear that the results of up to half a dozen constituency votes could be declared void — causing hurried by-elections — if prosecutors decide to make an example of the party. Criminal charges against key individuals are also possible…
At one stage 24 investigations were taking place into seats where the Tories were suspected of spending more on their campaign than the legal limit. It is believed that this has been reduced to fewer than a dozen investigations in which the police believe the evidence warrants further examination.

Yesterday a police source said that files were expected to be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service within weeks.

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