DWP committee meeting for PIP great work but a great opportunity missed!

I watched the work and pensions committee meeting about PIP today. It was a great staring point and some good points were raised but I am not quite sure it went far enough.

They were asked about the application process and they didn’t even mention or bring up the trick questions that can be interpreted into which ever direction the DWP decision maker wishes to score the claimant.

For example can you plan and follow a journey? Not only is this vague and can be interpreted a number of ways to under score a claimant? For example someone with a physical illness or disability can plan and follow a journey but doesn’t mean they can make it?

Under the DWP’S own interpretation they score someone with a physical disability zero points in this category because they can plan and follow a journey.

This then makes it impossible to score high enough points for the higher rate and the appropriate mobility support.

This is one of the biggest issues that was missed.



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