Tory Government making up disability rights to suit their own cuts.

My wife suffers with a rare spinal condition and has lost her motability car in the latest round of cut backs since they introduced the section about being able to plan and follow a journey in the PIP assessment.
This area hasn’t received much coverage. A lot of people who have moved from DLA or are already receiving PIP are being assessed unfairly using this demeaning question.
Most disabled people have a physical condition which limits their mobility, hence needing the higher rate to score for a mobility car.
The government have now added in the can you plan and follow a journey element to score people on the mental aspect of carrying out a journey.
Disabled people aren’t idiots they are very intelligent, it’s their mobility issues that cause them to need mobility support.
The government are using this latest section to stop people with physical disabilities getting mobility vehicles.
Many disabled people with mental illness and physical disabilities suffer with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Even more now after having their main support networks significantly reduced by this government.
Disabled people cannot plan and follow a journey.
1 because they have a physical disability that stops them following a journey.
2 disabled people can plan a journey but doesn’t mean they can take it. Many cannot even plan a journey or even take it if their anxiety, pain or panic attack stops them leaving.
Most public transport is unsuitable, Inadequate or over crowded. Public transport is hard enough for able body people to use let alone someone that is in chronic pain or suffering with mental illness.
Disabled people have been appealing PIP decisions after being backed into a corner being asked if they can plan and follow a journey.
The government are using this vague section to twist the answers to support reductions or rejecting help completely.
By the government using people’s mental capacity when assessing disabled people’s physical ability means disabled people need to appeal. They then need to bring up their anxiety, depression and panic attacks which are additional symptoms of their conditions and medications they have to take.
Now disabled people are having to defend physical disabilities using mental illnesses and symptoms they suffer from. The Government are dismissing these as a recognised disorder/ disability to save further cuts and making it impossible to appeal. 
Most disabled people are at a wits end. My wife hasn’t been able to get out for months since we lost our mobility car.
This government has no soul and have gone one step too far.


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