Women, children and the vulnerable first! Unless your the Tory Government.

When there is a disaster or an emergency the old saying goes women, Children and the Vulnerable first, not if your the Tory government.

They have torn up the rule book and the modern values many of us live by today. They have spent every term in government axing support for the poorest and weakest in society, using them as a stepping stone to make it onto the economic life raft.

They have also cut, sold or privatised the vital services society depend on leaving the poorest and weakest on the sinking ship whilst drilling holes to make sure they go under. They have willingly resigned the weakest in society to life in the gutter without a network of support whilst they help the rich and powerful into the life boats. 

They are only interested in lining their own pockets, constantly blaming the disabled people for their own poor economic policies.

It’s about time they hold to account their own party’s economic incompetence and the large corporations avoiding billions in tax, don’t forget the financial industry who caused one of the biggest financial crashes in history that many are still suffering from.

Instead they are all jumping into the life boats whilst they watch the sick, disabled and poorest in society drown.



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