Facts about the harsh realities  disabled people face.

Despite the evidence and facts in black and white the government choose to ignore it and make cuts and savings whilst punishing disabled people.


Despite heavy criticism the government continue to make the biggest cuts of GDP against the vulnerable.😡

Disabled people are 33% less often to leave the house due to lack of accessible public transport. This is due to rise significantly whilst the government strip 800 motability cars from disabled people with severe mobility issues every week. Just in 1 year thats 41,600 people.😤

There were 62,000 hate crimes last year over 100% increase from the year before.😔

Cuts in social care have caused relatives and friends to become carers for disabled and vulnerable people. This has helped the government and local authorities save 119bn.

Despite living costs and travel expenses being 25% higher for disabled people. The government have cut support and mobility support for hundreds of thousands of disabled people.

Due to cuts in grants and local funding 84% of disabled people live in unsafe unsuitable housing which remain unadapted for their needs. That’s 1 in 3 disabled people.😱😏

1 in 4 disabled people have no control over their own lives. 

33% of Disabled people cannot afford to pay for one weeks annual holiday.

By Kev

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