Worrying times, disabled people constantly justifying their existence.

These are very worrying times if you are disabled or live with a chronic illness. It seems like every week there is a new cut or a new attack on the disabled community. The constant moving of the goal posts and the reassessments. Severely disabled people who cannot walk or work are being declared fit to work or are reassessed constantly until a way can be found to limit or reduce the support they need and receive. 

With the Spring Budget coming up on the 8th March there is already news and more rumours about the biggest cuts being made on the disabled community, again this doesn’t sound great.

I am sure in the next few weeks the disabled community are going to have to justify themselves all over again and endure more accusations of not being disabled enough.

Anyone who actually understands disability will understand that all illnesses and disabilities will effect the person in a slightly different way to the next. It could be an okay day or a bad day. 

Just for clarity an okay day is still fighting against the illness or pain it just means they might be able to have a wash or go out to the shop etc.

I am sure what happens over the next few months the disabled community will have no choice but to remain strong whilst they are dragged through the mud again.



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