PIP (personal independence payment) The rigged system.

PIP is the new disability benefit and assessment which has recently been rigged against people with Mobility problems with demeaning questions like can you plan and follow a journey? As you can understand many disabled people are very intelligent but are limited or restricted daily by debilitating pain or physical illnesses. Of course they can plan and follow a journey. The reason they need PIP is for support at home, mobility support due to being unable to walk, unable to leave the house unaided and help to lead as normal life as they can whilst in constant pain. 
This government has made it impossible for disabled people to score points for the higher rates for both components by playing on people’s mental capacity which is wholly unfair. Many disabled people are intelligent. A classic example would be Steven Hawkins one of the most of intelligent minds for a generation. By the governments PIP system he wouldn’t be classed disabled because he can plan where he’s going? 

I am guessing you understand my point by now.

As you can understand the support that is being constantly stripped from disabled people is causing them to become isolated, desperate, desolate, suicidal and afraid. They have had to endure years of hate and abuse from the government and mainstream media labelling them lazy and a drain on society. For my wife we have experienced the hate, the looks, the poverty. The desolation put upon us and the bullying letters and unfair assessments. 

My wife like many disabled people has had her care support, mobility support cut by an unfair wicked system. As you can imagine for many disabled people to leave the house in pain/ agony requires a lot of planning and immense mental strength. Just the thought of going out for a meal, to the shops for an appointment at the Drs etc we think how many days will they be in unbearable pain, will they/I get stuck somewhere or need to leave suddenly because of their condition. Without the mobility support many disabled people have been told they can use public transport. Many can barely walk. The nearest bus stop is too far away and many taxis are too uncomfortable for them to travel in due to their condition and being un adapted for their needs. They also needs to wait around for them to arrive and the small amount of money they do get wouldn’t even cover her medical needs as well as taxis fares on top. 
So as you can imagine when I am reading the government lose a court case ruling that the government should be taking into account the physiological suffering disabled people suffer on a daily basis whilst coping with the stigma, constant pain from their conditions, the social barriers and the countless inaccessible uncomfortable public amenities they face on a daily basis whilst their support is reduced is very disturbing.
When I read the government have chosen to ignore the ruling and to quickly reform the wording so they can find a loop hole against supporting the most vulnerable in society just doesn’t sit right with me. 
I am hoping that any one with a heart would seriously oppose this reform along with the wicked and brutal contempt for disabled people and for the law.
I understand cuts need to be made but surely this is one step too far. Disabled people are now even more than ever prisoners in their own homes and excluded from society like they are worthless and should be left behind.
Apologies for the long winded blog but when I see such vulnerable people being targeted without a voice or a defence I just needed to bring it up.
I hope you can support the disabled people where you live and speak against the draconian PIP system that isn’t fit for purpose.
Please don’t believe the government or media when they say they are trying to target support for the most deserving because:
A) the current system doesn’t.
B) one size doesn’t fit all.
C)disabled people are individuals and human beings.
D) The people carrying out assessments aren’t trained or educated to comment on people’s conditions or how the symptoms affect their daily lives.
E) Assessments are worded against the claimant manipulated and have even change the context of answers to underscore the claimant.
F) supporting medical evidence and letters from consultants/ GPS who monitor claimants health on a weekly monthly basis is ignored or dismissed.
Thanks for reading 


2 thoughts on “PIP (personal independence payment) The rigged system.

  1. Brian Preece March 16, 2017 / 4:15 pm

    While not being disabled myself, we have close friends with a daughter with advanced MS and another friend whose husband suffers from severe mental health problems so we have seen some of this at first hand. Without wishing in any way to detract from your article, I would just disagree with just one sentence “Cuts have to be made”. Austerity, which includes these cuts, is a completely political decision, not an economic one. The so-called “need” for austerity is based on a completely flawed economic model which seeks to justify cuts to the less well off and vulnerable members of society so that tax cuts can be given to the wealthy and big business, on the completely discredited theory that this will encourage growth and the benefits will “trickle down”. Many leading economists, such as the Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang have mountains of evidence that trickle-down does not work. In fact, they have demonstrated that redistribution from the wealthy and big companies to the less well off actually provides economic growth, as the less well off you are, the more of your income as a proportion you spend on goods and services. In contrast, the wealthy spend a higher proportion on assets such as property which mostly produce very little economic growth. So-called neoliberal economics is just a convenient theory cooked up to justify the greed of the wealthy!

    Please be assured that many of us are fighting to have these cruel policies reversed.

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    • disabilityeye March 16, 2017 / 8:02 pm

      Well said Brian!! Great point!! Totally agree with that!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


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